Custom Roof Ventilation and Insulation Solution Now Offered by New England Roofing Company

Classic Metal Roofs LLC, a premiere metal roofing company in New England, is solving home owners' headaches of poorly functioning roofs in the winter months with a New and Unique roof assembly known as a "cold roof".

Classic Metal Roof's cold roofs are primarily installed on homes originally built without adequate amounts of insulation and proper ventilation. This remedy protects the home against damage that mostly occurs in the winter months. Certain home designs built decades earlier did not anticipate the higher cost of energy and changing weather patterns, whereby the addition of insulation would help retain heat, and ventilation would keep the roof cold in times of inordinate amounts of snow that happen in short periods of time. The lack of insulation means more heat lost through the roof than is acceptable by today's building codes, and lack of ventilation can mean big headaches later.

Unlike most solutions, this innovative system is added to the outside of the roof structure. So it is non invasive to the living space. The typical traditional solution would involve tearing out ceilings, and in some cases re-framing the entire roof.Not so with our advanced engineered cold roof system.

It's an added cost, but it's money well spent

Classic Metal Roofs, LLC recently completed two cold roof systems. The first was a contemporary home in Andover, Massachusetts. That structure had asphalt roofing with six skylights, no insulation in the cathedral ceilings, and no ventilation. The roof was changed to a built up insulated and ventilated roof with a premium aluminum standing seam metal roof panel system that can accept solar. The next home was a Georgian Colonial in Newton Massachusetts that originally had a slate roof. The roof was replaced with a cold roof system that added both insulation and venting. Classic Metal Roofing Systems premium Oxford "Slate Rock" aluminum shingles was the roofing material . "These systems are an added cost, but it's money well spent," according to Bryan Rusch, a roof consultant and JR partner with the company.

Older homes that lose more heat through the roof structure than others can most often be attributed to the design of the structure, for example, vaulted ceiling areas, where adequate insulation and ventilation are not present. This design flaw is responsible for situations where melting snow refreezes on colder sections of the roof creating a wall of ice, better known as ice dams. The water that backs up behind the ice dam can then enter the home and cause interior damage in ceilings and walls.

Correcting the insulation and ventilation is not always an option within the home. The cold roof system is one that modifies the existing roof on the outside of the home without changing the existing building components under the roof. This is not an easy undertaking, and Classic Metal Roofs is one of the few roof installation companies in New England installing cold roofs and solving the problems of poorly ventilated and insulated roofs.

The process of installing a cold roof most often comes at a point when a roof is failing and before a new layer of roofing material is installed. A cold roof system, in conjunction with a metal roof, is the ultimate combination for ongoing energy savings and security.

Classic Metal Roofs has been installing their cold roof systems on a very limited basis. They expect to see more homeowners move to this solution as energy saving consciousness increases, and as an alternative to multiple roof replacement expenditures and the additional costly repairs associated with poorly performing roofs during winter months.Due to the additional insulation and increased ventilation this systems significantly reduce the chance of ice dams and the damage that they cause.
Not all roofs are candidates for this system. Elevations on dormers with windows are a factor.

About Classic Metal Roofs, LLC:
Classic Metal Roofs, LLC is considered one of the premier installers of metal roofing in New England. They specialize in the installation of lifetime residential metal roofing systems for people who want energy star, environmental, sustainable, or long term solutions for their roofing needs. They believe their metal roofs are 'The Best Roofs under the Sun' and are in business to provide their customers with a worry-free roofing future. Their service area includes Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Southern New Hampshire. Classic Metal Roofs, LLC works with contractors, architects, and homeowners.

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